Welcome to the Granny Rose K-9 Enrichment Center

Types of classes: We offer a variety of classes from puppies to adults and at every stage of life. Obedience starts with either beginner or puppy classes, then goes to puppy intermediate, and up to CGC or novice, which helps expand skill sets and even can help prepare you for competition, if you so choose! Agility starts from dogs and handlers who have never done any sort of agility before, and excels all the way up to those competing nationally, and every stage in between. We also offer confirmation classes for those wishing to compete with their dogs, and then fun classes, like our new treadmill training! With new types of classes being added all the time, there is something for every dog to enjoy!

What we expect from you:

  • No Foul or abusive language
  • No alcohol on Shelter grounds
  • NO HITTING OF ANY DOG – Either yours or others
  • “Potty” your dog outside of class
  • Clean up after your dog both in the building and outside the building on Shelter grounds
  • Maintain control of your dog at all times -- either by using a leash or an appropriate kennel crate
  • Use “SOFT” treats only (NON CRUNCHY Variety)
Any violation of the above Expectations will result in your immediate dismissal from the building and the property grounds. The decision of the instructor and/or management will be final.
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