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Welcome to the Granny Rose K-9 Enrichment Center

About Us! The GRK9EC was founded in 2016 with the goal of having a safe environment to educate and train both handlers and their dogs, as well as a state of the art facility for Canine and Community Based Events. We offer a variety of training classes during the week. The Center is also available to rent for both Canine Events, as well as Community Events. We are happy to talk to you about pricing and availability to make your next event a success! Please call or e-mail us directly.

Training Classes:

We offer a variety of classes for you and your dog to enjoy at every stage of life. Most of our classes meet for one hour at the same time every week, for 6 weeks. These classes are $90 for the 6 week session. Our Advanced Agility class and Contacts/Weaves class meet every other week, for a total of 3 times during the session. Contact class is $45 for the 3 classes and Advanced Agility is $60 for 3 classes. We accept dogs as young as 12 weeks of age and older. All dogs over 4 months of age must provide proof of Rabies Vaccination at the first night of class.

Private lessons are also available in one hour increments and start at $30 for obedience and $50 for agility. Aggressive dogs are priced after an evaluation with the trainer, but also start at $30 and go up, based on severity. Private Obedience is also available at your house starting at $40/hour.

Drop In Classes for Obedience are offered on Sundays, as available based on weekend rentals and trainer availability. Please check our schedule and Facebook page, or Facebook Feed on the main page of our website, for the most updated information. Drop In’s are for current obedience students, students that have completed a session with us in the past 6 months, or for those actively competing with their dogs in shows. Cost is $5 per dog per drop in. Proof of rabies must be shown and a waiver must be signed. A Trainer is on duty to check in and help facilitate ring time, but will not assist in training tips in any way.

At this time, there is no Drop In Agility on Sundays.

Registration for classes are available on our website under the Class Registration page, or by calling the Center. Office Hours vary, so please contact us by Facebook messenger, phone or e-mail for the quickest response!

What we expect from you:

• No Foul or abusive language

• No alcohol on Shelter grounds

• We expect a positive attitude that welcomes learning from your trainer- we pride ourselves on having great trainers that are here to help you. Please keep an open mind and be willing to work with them and your dog. Anyone showing abusive or threatening behavior to dogs or people will be asked to leave immediately.

• Please arrive early to class and give your dog time to potty outside. Please maintain a distance from the outside kennels of the shelter dogs, as some may have dog aggression or fear issues and we want to keep their current home as comfortable for them as possible! Please clean up after your dog both inside and outside. Ask a trainer if you have questions.

• Maintain control of your dog at all times! Dogs must always be on a leash unless specifically directed by a trainer! Absolutely no Flexi-Leads allowed!

• Use “SOFT” treats only (NON CRUNCHY Variety) Mozzarella String Cheese and Hot Dogs cut into small chunks work great for training as well!

• Please bring your own water bowl, especially in warmer month.

• If you need to kennel your dog (specifically for agility classes) please bring your own kennel. There are only a few available at the Center and they are on a first come-first serve basis.

• All participants must sign a release form before participating in any event

• Children are allowed at the center as long as they can sit quietly on their own during the class (unless they are actively participating in class, such as our 4-H events).

• Absolutely no Bite Training or Bite Behavior of any kind is allowed on any of Granny Rose Property! This will result in immediate dismissal for current and future events.

• Any aggression issues towards dogs or people needs to be disclosed to staff at time of registration. We are more than happy to try to help you address these issues the best we can. However, safety for you, your dog, and all other dogs, handlers and staff members are always our number one priority. We do have private training lessons available for those dogs not ready or able to participate in class. Evaluations of these dogs may be used to help you find the best course of action for your dog. Failure to disclose this information or to follow trainer instructions can result in immediate dismissal from any and all Granny Rose events, or events held on Granny Rose property.

Any violation of the above Expectations will result in your immediate dismissal from the building, classes, and the property grounds. The decision of the instructor and/or management will be final. No exceptions.

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