This drop -in session is for handlers either wanting to learn the ins-and-outs of showing a dog in Conformation, or those who are experienced , but want practice with their dogs before their next show..
Showing in the Conformation ring is much more than just running in a circle in front of a judge.
This class covers how to present the dog in the proper way, handling etiquette, ring patterns, gaiting and much more.
It is an opportunity to learn from seasoned handlers with years of experience in a co-operative group setting.

How to sign up: Please contact the Center for current class dates and to register.

What you will need:

A collar of any type that will not slip over your dog’s head so that he can back up, and out, of his collar.
A leash or show lead (a leather lead is recommended for the handler’s comfort).
If you are using treats as means of positive reinforcement, they must be in the form of a NON-CRUNCHY variety.
A favorite toy

An understanding of the Breed Standards for your dog’s breed
Or the approval of the instructor

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