Private Training – Obedience

In this one-on-one session, you and your trainer will meet to go over specific topics you would like to work on with your dog. Our experienced trainer will teach you how to best meet the needs of what you are looking for while you are still the one handling your dog. This is for any dog at any stage, or with a specific goal in mind. Please note, that a trainer may request that you only be enrolled in private training sessions if it is the safest choice for your dog, the handler, or other dogs and handlers. All private sessions must be paid for before a time for training will be set up. Once you have submitted payment either online, or by setting up a time to meet with the director and pay in person at the center, your trainer will contact you directly and set up a time to meet.


What you will need:

  • A collar, of any type, that will not slip over your dog’s head. For example, your dog should not be able to back up, and out, of its collar.
  • A leash.
  • If treats are used as a means of a positive reinforcement, they must be in the form of a NON-CRUNCHY variety.


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