Welcome to the Granny Rose K-9 Enrichment Center Training Page!

Here are some of our most common Questions and Answers! If you do not see your question listed here, please contact us!

What Classes Do You Offer?

We offer Beginner, Intermediate, Ring Ready Novice, and Open Obedience (please note RRN and Open are both Advanced level classes) Beginner and Intermediate Agility and a Drop-In Conformation Class, as well as Private Training Lessons.

How Long is a Session?

Each session consists of class meeting at the same time each week for 1 hour, for 6 weeks, so a total of 6 hours of training.

How Much Does a Session Cost?

Each 6 week session is $90. However, we do offer a $5 discount off your next consecutive session with the same dog as a thank you for your commitment to your dog and training. Dogs who have been adopted from any Shelter or Rescue Group within the past 6 months and can show proof of adoption paperwork are also eligible for a discount off of 1 regular session. We also offer special discounts to those who participate in our Kids & K-9s class. We pride ourselves in having very knowledgeable trainers who take you and your dog seriously, and yet still provide competitive pricing compared to other trainers in our area. Please contact the Center if you have questions on pricing.

What Do I Need For Class

Please bring a copy of your dog’s current shot records with you to the first night of class. Dogs without shot records or dogs older than 4 months of age without proof of Rabies (paperwork, not tags!) will not be allowed to participate. All dogs must have a properly fitted collar (one they cannot slip out of) and a regular 6 foot leash (no flexi-leads). Treats that are non-crunchy help provide positive reinforcement for your dog, or hot dogs, chicken chunks, or mozzarella string cheese chunks also work great! We highly recommend you bring your own water bowl, and your own crate if you plan on crating your dog (normally for Agility classes).

What Do I Need to Know for the First Night of Class?

Please arrive 15 minutes early for the first night of class. This allows us time to check you in, make copies of your shot records, have you sign your release form to participate, and double check your contact information. Please note that we can have up to 2 classes starting at the same time, which means we could have up to 16 dogs preparing to check in! We promise to help get you checked in as quickly and smoothly as possible, but having your paperwork ready will help the process go much smoother! Please take the time to allow your dog to potty outside before class, and keep your dog close by- no socializing please! Some dogs find the first night of class to be stressful with so many new people, dogs and things going on and may become fearful or aggresive. For this reason and many others, all dogs need to have a properly fitted collar and 6 foot leash. If you feel your dog is becoming fearful or aggressive, take them outside and give them some space to walk away from everyone. Once the entryway settles down, go back inside to check in. We would much rather your dog be calm and come in to class a minute or two late, and we can help you better!


We understand that things happen where you cannot attend class. We are happy to offer a 100% refund on any class, if you provide, in writing, a request for a full refund and it is at least 24 hours prior to the class session starting. If you decide not to attend your class within the 24 hours prior to class starting, we will offer a full refund minus a $5 fee. Our classes do fill up and we do turn people away once a class has reached its participant limit, so this helps us make sure we can accommodate our clients. If you decide to quit class within the first week of classes (prior to attending your second class), or your dog has an issue where they are unable to participate (illness, injury, or bitch in season) we will offer to transfer your full 6 week class credit to another class or another session within the next 6 months. Or we will offer you a refund minus $15. If you decide to quit after your second week of class, or your dog has an issue where they are unable to participate (illness, injury, or bitch in season) we will transfer the remaining number of classes to another session within 6 months. There will be no monetary refund after the first week of class. All requests for refunds or transfers must be provided in writing, and will be considered based on the day the request is received by the Enrichment Center.

Make-Up Classes

If you cannot make a class, it is up to your trainer on how they make it up with you, if, at all.  They may offer for you to come to the same class that is offered at a different time/date during the week, or they may ask you to come to a class early or stay late to catch up on what you missed. However, they are not obligated to do so. If they have to cancel a class due to a personal conflict, emergency, or unsafe weather conditions, they will provide a make up class, normally offered the same day and time the week after the normal session ends. They will let all of their students know the make-up date as soon as they can.

Class Cancellations

Sometimes emergencies arise and classes are canceled for the night. We will post on our Facebook page that a particular class is canceled as soon as we become aware of it. A member of our staff or ideally, your trainer, will try to contact you by calling or texting that class is cancelled, as well as a make up time, if they know it. We will attempt to contact you, but cannot be responsible if we do not have your current contact information, your mailbox is full, or any other reason that we cannot reach you.

Class Sessions:

We offer 7 sessions throughout the year. They start the same week and go for 6 weeks normally, and then have a week break for either make-up classes, if needed, or to give our trainers a week break and to deep clean the Center. Sessions for 2019 will start the following weeks:

January 7

February 25

April 15

June 3

July 29

September 16

November 4

We are also closed for some Holidays:

January 1-New Years

April 21- Easter

May 12- Mother’s Day

May 27- Memorial Day

June 16-Father’s Day

June 30-July 6- 4th of July/Summer Break Week

September 2- Labor Day

November 24- November 30- Thanksgiving Break

December 22- January 1- Christmas/New Years Break