Beginner Obedience

Obedience training is an excellent step in your relationship with your dog. Whether you have a new dog or a dog who could use a brush-up on manners, a basic dog obedience class is a great way to build a foundation of skills that will benefit both you and your dog in the long run. Additionally, training classes allow you to bond with your dog and allow him the opportunity to learn and exercise his mind, as well as his body.

Prior to class, make sure your dog is properly vaccinated and healthy enough to attend a class. This will require a trip to the veterinarian for a physical exam and vaccinations. You will need to submit your vaccine or health records to the office before your first class.

​To make the most of each class, you will want to bring along the following supplies:

1. A Properly fitting collar

2. A six-foot leash.

3. Water dish.

4. Soft treats (hot dogs or mozzarella chees are recommended.)